STX Alliance

Not all players are the same, which is why the STX Alliance handle series offers six different levels of FLEX, ranging from 60 to 225. FLEX levels correspond to how many pounds of pressure it takes to bend the handle a quarter of an inch. The lower FLEX level simply means more flexibility in the handle.

  • STX Alliance Stick
  • STX Alliance Stick 85
  • STX Alliance Stick 110
  • STX Alliance Stick 135
  • STX Alliance Stick 160
  • STX Alliance Stick 225

This simple chart will guide you to find your appropriate FLEX level. First, find your weight on the bottom line. If you land in a dark grey area area, follow that up and find the FLEX level recommended for you.

If you land in an orange area, there is one additional step. If you've been playing for more than five years, we recommend you go to the right and choose the higher FLEX level. However, if you've been playing for less than five years, go to the left to select a lower FLEX level.

STX Alliance Flex Level