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Shot Profile

A constant flex profile allows you to fully maximize your energy transfer to the puck

Balance Point

STX Sticks have the highest balance point in the market

Blade Construction

The Stallion blade is engineered with increased stiffness to maximize shot velocity

Dual Rib Blade Design

The Stallion blade has been tuned with enhanced stiffness to provide the ultimate in power transfer

Precision Instrument

Shot Profile

The Stallion POWER FLEX continues to load energy as you crank up one-timers and heavy slap shots.

Blade Construction

A stiffer blade results in more power transfer to the puck. We increased the stiffness on the Stallion blade to give your game a major power boost.

Flex Chart Flex Chart
Blade Patterns Blade Patterns

Balance Point

A higher balance point provides a better feeling stick. By engineering the stick to have the balance point as far as possible up the shaft we've created a better feeling hockey stick, without sacrificing durability for weight.
*Based on STX laboratory findings for 60' sticks

Dual Rib Blade Design With Enhanced Stiffness

Specially tuned Dual Ribs running the length of the blade add torsional stiffness and enhanced power transfer so you can crank up the intensity when needed.

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