• 12F

    Varsity soccer, basketball and lacrosse - all starting as a freshman at Friends school. So, that's 12 Varsity letters (F's).

  • Blue Jay

    Johns Hopkins University Mascot

  • K18

    New logo for the brand new line. Represents my best line yet.

  • Lacrosse

    My dad put a stick in my hand from the start. I love the game and where it's taken me in life.

  • Never stop

    STX slogan.

  • California

    Moved to CA in 2008 and have lived here since.

  • Basketball

    Played hoops my entire life and love to watch NBA during my limited free time.

  • Playmaker

    For my camp company, Playmaker Lacrosse Camps.

  • Tewaaraton Trophy

    I won my senior year at JHU, and was a 3-time finalist

  • 05.30.05

    Day we beat Duke to win the NCAA Championship

  • Maryland

    I was born here, went to HS and college here. Love the state and the Baltimore Ravens.

  • NCAA
    Championship Trophy

    Hopkins beat Duke 9-8

  • Know what's important

    Keep everything in perspective, at all times.

  • All

    3-time All American in college

  • Headphones

    Collaboration with Beats Headphones...made custom K18 beats

  • 2X MOY

    I was fortunate enough to win the midfielder of the year award twice

  • Family

    Most important things
    to me.

  • American

    Played for the US National Team

  • 9-8

    Score that Hopkins beat Duke in 2005 to win the NCAA Championship.

  • K18 Head

    New Universal spec'd K18 head for 2014

  • Bear

    My father's college team (Morgan State) mascot was a Bear.

  • Turtle

    Good luck in my family. I've got this as a tattoo and if you look closely you'll see it on the new line.

  • Crab

    Baltimore! My favorite food to eat at home.

  • Finish

    Important saying and way of living for me.

  • Never Settle

    Important saying and way of living for me.

  • STX

    Played with STX gear all my life. It's the best equipment for my game.

  • Step up

    Original K18 slogan

  • Soccer

    Played soccer my entire life and feel it helped me be a well-rounded athlete.

  • 16-0

    Senior year we went
    16-0 and won the
    National Championship

  • K18
    Logo Concept

    An early K18 logo concept. We didn't use it, but I always liked the subtle Hopkins call out with
    the wings.

  • Shoes

    If you follow me online you know I love shoes! Easily have over 100 pairs.

  • Basketball

    Still play hoops daily, important part of my life and development as an athlete.

  • Whistle

    I do a lot of coaching these days, and you wouldn't believe how important having a whistle is.