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Recreation // 100

For the rec level girl that finds herself on the attack and likes to shoot and score!

For the rec level girl who is quick to ground balls and runs the midfield.

For the rec level girl who is looking to refine all of her skills, but feels at home on defense.

Perfect for the beginner player with a 36" handle, wider face and flat style scoop.

Competitive // 300

For the competitive Attacker with the minimum legal sidewall and Runway Pocket. If you liked the original Crux, you'll love the Crux 300!

For the competitive Midfielder with stiffer sidewalls for stability/control, flexible scoop, easy ground ball pickup and features the Runway Pocket.

For the competitive Defender with stiff sidewalls for checking, an elongated face and features the Runway Pocket.

Elite // 500

For the elite Attacker with 10° technology, an extreme scoop and the all-new Launch Pocket. If you liked thet Crux 10, you'll love the Crux 500!

For the elite Midfielder with 10° technology, wider face for blocking shots and launch pocket. If you liked the Exult 10, you'll love the Exult 500!

For the elite Defender with C-Channel technology, flexible scoop for easy ground ball pickup and a raised ball stop for added protection. If you liked the Fortress, you'll love the Fortress 500!

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