Georgetown // Washington, DC

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Georgetown Camps and Clinics

Nickname: Hoyas

Colors: Navy Blue and Gray

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Date Opponent Location Time
Feb. 15 University of Delaware Washington D.C. 1:00pm ET
Feb. 22 Towson University Towson, MD 3:00pm ET
Mar. 1 Princeton University Princeton, NJ 3:00pm ET
Mar. 5 Duke University Durham, NC 5:00pm ET
Mar. 9  Stanford Universtiy Washington D.C. 1:00pm ET
Mar. 15 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 1:00pm ET
Mar. 21 Johns Hopkin University Washington D.C. 7:00pm ET
Mar. 25 Loyola University Washington D.C. 7:00pm ET
Mar. 29 University of Louisville  Washington D.C. 2:00pm ET
Apr. 1 Penn State University McDonogh School 6:30pm ET
Apr. 5 Marquette University Washington D.C. 12:00pm ET
Apr. 11 University of Connecticut Storrs, CT 4:00pm ET
Apr. 13 Rutgers University Piscataway, NJ 1:00pm ET
Apr. 17 Villanova University Washington D.C. 2:00pm ET
Apr. 19 Temple University Washington D.C. 4:00pm ET
Apr. 26 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH 2:00pm ET
May. 1 Big East Championships Semifinals Washington D.C. TDB
May. 3 Big East Championships Finals Washington D.C. TDB