Stringing Videos for the STX Stallion 1K & Hammer 1K Heads

Check out our lacrosse head stringing guides below to learn how to string your Stallion 1K or Hammer 1K heads.  Video guides with stringing expert Lars Keil, the sidewall jedi,  are available below for stringing your Stallion 1K with a low, mid or high pocket; and a mid or high pocket for your Hammer 1K.


Make your 1K head your own by stringing it yourself with the colors you want.  We think these head stringing tips are the best approach for our heads, but feel free to experiment and find what works best for your play style.

Stallion 1K Low Pocket

Stallion 1K Mid Pocket

Stallion 1K High Pocket

Hammer 1K Mid Pocket

Hammer 1K High Pocket