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Distribution of Stress

C-Channel distributes stress more evenly than traditional rail profiles. Stringing holes diminish strength in the bottom rail, and the unique C-Channel architecture decreases the localized stress around stringing holes. It allows the head to bend but not break, increasing durability and stiffness in the right areas.

Engineered Structure

Inspired by the simple, yet structurally sound, shape of a steel I-beam, C-Channel takes the typical rail profile and removes non-structural material. This allows the sidewall to retain the strength of the original rail while removing any excess weight.

Better Strength-to-Weight Ratio

The design of STX's C-Channel technology ultimately comes down to one goal: A higher strength-to-weight ratio due to the most efficient structural support where it counts the most.

C-Channel Technology Featured In:

Fortress 500

Fortress 500

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