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Alex Grassi

#6 Team USA Midfield
Hometown: Brookeville, MD
Alma Mater: Franklin & Marshall


World Championship Experience

  • Gold - 2016 World League Round 1 (Salamanca, Mexico)
  • Bronze - 2017 World League Round 2 (Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago)
  • 4th - 2013 Pan American Cup (Toronto, Canada)
  • 5th - 2015 Pan American Games (Toronto, Canada)
Why I Use STX

STX is an American company based in the same place I grew up (Maryland).  Their hockey sticks are high quality and have a great touch.  Overall, STX makes great hockey equipment and I love working with an American company.


Q. How old were you when you started playing?

A. I was six years old when I first picked up a stick.  I was a pretty high-energy kid, so the fast pace of hockey was perfect for me! I was instantly hooked.

Q. Who was your favorite athlete (any sport) growing up?

A. DaMarcus Beasley – USA Soccer.  I played soccer growing up.  I was left footed like he was and we played the same position.  I wanted to play just like him.

Q. What was your Play Huge moment in your career?

A. My goal against Trinidad & Tobago at the 2015 Pan American Games.

Q. What song is always on your pregame play list?

A. “Who Let the Dogs Out” – Baha Men

Q. What’s your favorite movie?

A. Caddyshack

Q. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

A. Relax and enjoy the game. Be confident in your skills. 

Q. Who is one person (past or present) with whom you’d like to have dinner?

A. Albert Einstein

Q. What’s the one thing you’d like to see changed in your sport?

A. I’d like to see more opportunities for boys to play hockey in the US. Hockey is a great sport and it’s a shame that there are only high school, college and club teams for girls.

Q. Who’s your favorite teammate you’ve ever played with?

A. Ian Scally. I only got the play alongside him for USA toward the end of his career, but I’ve always like his style of play. He’s an intelligent player with great vision.

Q. Who is or was the most influential person in helping you on your way to become a professional athlete?

A. My dad. Ever since he saw how much I loved sports, he pushed me and challenged me to work harder and be better. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my dad’s guidance and my mom’s support. 

Q. Describe your playing style in three words.

A. Aggressive, fast, positive

Q. Tell us your favorite motivational quote.

A. “Champions keep playing until they get it right.”  – Billie Jean King

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