power core
Play with power and maximize the velocity in your shots. 

The Opportunity

The Impact Control Core Technology is tailored to specific playing styles, to give the player the ball response they require when hitting and receiving.

The Results

Power Core material allows for more pop off the stick, and increased speed of the ball.

Products With Power Core

  1. STX Field Hockey XPR 701
    XPR™ 701
    Sugg. Price $255.00
  2. STX Field Hockey XPR 901
    XPR™ 901
    Sugg. Price $350.00
  3. STX Field Hockey HPR 901
    HPR™ 901
    Sugg. Price $400.00
  4. STX Field Hockey HPR 701
    HPR™ 701
    Sugg. Price $295.00