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Cell III Protection Line
Geo Flex

What is Geoflex?

GeoFlex is a proprietary protection system that allows multi-directional flexibility and naturally conforms to complex surfaces. This can include anything from a tight circumference for arm protection to complex curvature within a shoulder pad or shin guard.

How does it work?

GeoFlex is designed to simulate the high-level impact resistance benefits of a rigid sheet while increasing flexibility and reducing weight. Unlike traditional perforation methods, GeoFlex is a true 3-dimensional design.

Geo Flex Technology


Bridged areas of thinner material are strategically placed in between thicker areas in order to allow GeoFlex to bend easily in multiple directions. In addition, the bridges work in conjunction with the internal perforations to achieve multi-directional flexibility as opposed to the linear movement found in traditional, rigid materials.

Cell II Flexibility Graphic


The perforations found throughout the material provide a 25% reduction in weight when compared to a flat sheet of equivalent protection. In addition, the perforations allow air flow for improved breathability.

Impact Resistance

GeoFlex was created by STX designers and engineers to offer high-performance impact resistance for the elite player. After considering several designs, a repeated pattern of six triangles bordering a perforated hexagonal shape proved to be the ideal solution. By reinforcing the bordering triangles, GeoFlex is able to take in and actively dissipate stress evenly throughout the highly flexible, lightweight material.

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