Pure Grip™Pure Grip™
The revolutionary stick design that will Reshape The Game™

The Opportunity

Decades in the making. Why is hockey the only sport where the stick profile is still square? We sought out to challenge the status quo not just for the sake of change, but to provide a genuinely better stick feel through a more ergonomic shape.

The Idea

We saw a need to rethink the traditional way a hockey stick is designed. By challenging the norm of how players interact with their stick, our revolutionary Puregrip™ Technology gives the player increased control on the ice. The Surgeon Rx2™ takes our ded

The Results

Its innovative, ergonomic design on the underside of the shaft fills the void in your hand left by a traditional shaped hockey stick. The angular shape maximizes hand contact points for advanced stick control and quick, responsive play.

We researched and experimented with different shapes to find the best ergonomic profile. We increased the surface area and maximized hand contact points on the underside of the shaft, while maintaining the visual sight line down the top of the stick.

We took R&D out of the lab and straight to the rink for testing. Incorporating feedback from NHL and elite level players into the design confirmed the Surgeon Rx2 will Reshape The Game.