Innovation - STX


Moving the game forward through research, development and an endless pursuit for peformance.

Men's Lacrosse Technology

Power Ramp

Revolutionary Power Ramp™ (patent pending) geometry improves shot speed and consistency for the elite offensive player.


Lacrosse is not just a spring sport. When compared to traditional nylon materials, EnduraForm™ is stiffer in warm temperatures and more durable in cold climates.

Speed Scoop™

Reduced drag for quicker ground ball play.

Women's Lacrosse Technology

ProForm Pocket™


The newest pocket from STX, the ProForm is the ultimate option for high-level hold and ball retention.

Launch II Pocket™

Redesigned with enhanced durability and targeted flex points at the sweet spot for maximum hold.

10 Degree™

Our proprietary technology includes precision-crafted 10° heads and lightweight 10° handles create perfectly balanced sticks.

Field Hockey Technology


Introducing Countervail vibration canceling technology so players never have to sacrifice power for comfort.

Power Core™

Play with Power and maximize the drive in your shots.

Tactile Core™

Softer stick feel for precise ball control and feel.

Hockey Technology


The revolutionary stick design that will Reshape The Game™


The ultimate in performance and feel


Designed to connect players with their equipment, through advanced articulation, retention, and comfort

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