Austin Pifani - Athlete - STX Men's Lacrosse

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Austin Pifani

#33 Atlas Defense
Hometown: Roslyn, PA
Alma Mater: North Carolina


  • Drafted 14th overall in the 2017 MLL Draft to the NY Lizards
  • 2016 NCAA National Champion
  • 2017 ACC Champion
  • 2x Captain at UNC
  • 2017 ACC DPOY
  • 2017 1st Team All-American
  • 2017 USILA Scholar All-American
  • 4x All-American
  • 2x All-ACC
  • 2017 UNC MVP
  • 3x UNC Defensive MVP
Why I Use STX

I’ve used STX at every level of the game, and they have never let me down. I loved how consistent and comfortable everything was. I believe they have the best equipment in the game. They also have an incredible team that I was honored to join.


Q. How old were you when you started playing?

A. 10 years old.

Q. Who was your favorite athlete (any sport) growing up?

A. Brian Dawkins - Former Philadelphia Eagles DB

Q. What was your Play Huge moment in your career?

A. My Play Huge moment was in college with the University of North Carolina, during overtime of our 2016 National Championship game against Maryland. We were man-down to start OT, and we made the stop and clear to set up our game-winning goal to win the title.

Q. What song is always on your pregame playlist?

A. Dreams and Nightmares – Meek Mill

Q. What’s your favorite movie?

A. Shawshank Redemption

Q. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

A. Trust your gut

Q. Who is one person you (past or present) with whom you’d like to have dinner?

A. Thomas Edison

Q. What’s the one thing you’d like to see changed in your sport?

A. The faceoff

Q. Who’s your favorite teammate you’ve ever played with?

A. Stephen Kelly

Q. Who is or was the most influential person in helping you on your way to becoming a professional athlete?

A. My mom and dad

Q. Describe your playing style in three words.

A. Aggressive, Determined, & Articulate  

Q. What’s your favorite exercise or drill to do while you’re training and why?

A. “Running the Rail” – footwork drill.  This my favorite footwork drill in preparation for a game because it allows me to practice four different phases of defending in one drill. 1. The approach 2. Drop-step 3. Closing the gate – defending the island 4. Navigating the back of the cage.

Q. What’s your favorite pre-game meal?

A. Acai bowl

Q. Tell us your favorite motivational quote.

A. “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen” – Michael Jordan

Q. If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A. Lincoln Financial Field - home of the Philadelphia Eagles!

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