Lacrosse is not just a spring sport. When compared to traditional nylon materials, EnduraForm™ is stiffer in warm temperatures and more durable in cold climates.

The Opportunity

We wanted to build upon the success of our ACP™ technology and take the performance up another level. We needed a nylon that would be less malleable in the heat than other heads, but also perform well in cold climates, so the search was on.

The Idea

For several years, our own R&D team went to work on testing dozens of different polymer blends to improve upon the successes that we saw with ACP. By working with some of the most reputable companies in material development and manufacturing, we arrived

The Results


The numbers don't lie. EnduraForm is up to 25% stiffer than standard nylon at higher temperatures and up to 15% more durable than ACP at cold temperatures.

Products With EnduraForm