Revolutionary and patent pending material provides superior stiffness and unmatched consistency for your head.

The Opportunity

Since the inception of the synthetic lacrosse head, materials have largely remained the same. There was a an opportunity to create a new polymer that would take head performance to entirely new levels of performance.

The Idea

Every head on the market has a limited shelf life. In warm temperatures, heads can quickly warp or deteriorate. What if we developed a new material that could drastically reduce those effects?

The Results


After collborating with some of the top material manufacturers in the world, we were able to create something the lacrosse world has never seen before.

Superior Stiffness and Unmatched Consistency

The combination of the stiffness provided by Omega and consistent performance over time means that you can play stronger AND longer, without the typical effects of head warping and noodling.

Products With Omega