Pocket Sync ™ technology from STX gives parents an easy buton when it comes to getting begining players out on the field learning the game of lacrosse without having to mess with  restringing inconsistent pockets on their new sticks.  New players should be focused on developing their skills and PocketSync ™ enables them to do just that.

This technology allows the player to take the stick directly from the shelf to the field.  Parents and coaches don't have to worry about making pocket adjustments to ensure their player's stick works for them - with Pocket Sync ™ it just works.

Pocket Sync™ uses soft performance mesh firmly attached to the head using special teeth and cleats without the need for sidewall and top strings.  The pocket creates a natural channel that guides the ball down the center of the pocket for a smooth and controlled catch and release. At the same time, the mesh has a forgiving hold for the beginner player, allowing the coach and player to turn their focus to developing playing strategies.  

Watch the video below to learn more about Pocket Sync™ technology from STX.

Sticks with Pocket Sync ™

  1. STX Stallion 300 Complete Lacrosse Stick Junior Size Black Front
  2. STX Stallion 300 Complete Lacrosse Stick White Front