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Stallion HPR
HPR Stick HPR Stick HPR Stick
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If you're seeking durability and
performance, it's time to

Get to the point

By making the blade lighter, we are able to redistribute the weight up the shaft, providing you with an Ultra-High Balance Point for a lighter feeling stick, without compromising durability.

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Featured Technology

Ultra High Balance Point Power Flex Pureblade Power Square Shaft Geometry

Traditional Balance Point

HPR Logo Balance Point

HPR Stick

Traditional Balance Point

HPR Logo Balance Point

HPR Stick
Balance Point Ultra High Balance Point

What you Feel

A Higher Balance Point

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What you Get

A more durable stick that feels lighter due to the redistribution of weight


Lighter sticks are better.


The best-in-class weight distribution of the Stallion HPR gives you the feel of a sub-400 gram stick, without sacrificing performance and durability.

Amplify the feel and playability of your stick Amplify the feel and playability of your stick


Drag slider for decreased stick weight

HPR Stick



Change in perceived stick weight felt versus the Stallion HPR.

Feel the change

For every inch that the balance point moves up the shaft, the stick feels 10 grams lighter in your hand. This is why we developed the HPR to have one of the highest balance points in the game. We wanted to find the perfect mix of performance and feel.

Pureblade Logo Flare Pureblade Logo

The Pureblade Power was upgraded from the original Pureblade technology in the Surgeon Rx2 in two ways:

We changed the blade core by reducing the amount of carbon and replacing it with a lightweight, yet highly durable foam. This also allowed us to shift the balance point of the stick higher up the shaft.

We re-engineered the 3k weave on the front of the blade to increase overall stiffness for added power.



What you Feel

More pop. Less weight.

Flare Flare

What you Get

The improved 3k weave on the front for a more explosive shot and a lighter 18k weave on the back to reduce weight.

18k Carbon Fiber
HPR Stick HPR Stick HPR Stick HPR Stick
Power Flex Stallion Illustration Power Flex Surgeon Illustration
Flare Power Flex Logo

The Stallion HPR features our Power Flex profile to give you a constant flex throughout the shaft for maximum power. Compare this to the Surgeon Rx2, which features our Precision Flex with dual kick points for quick release and extended load capacity.

Power Flex Stallion Illustration Power Flex Surgeon Illustration

Click a stick style below to compare flex points.

Maximum Power

Behind Every Shot

HPR Logo Indicator

Dual Kick Points

for Maximum Load and Quicker Release

Surgeon RX2 Logo Indicator
Square Shaft Logo Flare Square Shaft Logo Square Shaft Stick

Unleash the power of HPR

When compared to the Puregrip shaft profile of the Surgeon Rx2, the HPR features a more traditional shape. We wanted to offer both profiles for any style of play. With a matte grip and raised texture, you'll have the confidence to unleash the power of the HPR.

Surgeon Rx2 Illustration Stallion Illustration

What you Feel


Flare Flare

What you Get



It all comes down to the kick point and weight. Nothing else matters.


Optimized weight distribution (a higher balance point) is just as important as the stick's weight and flex profile.


HPR Sticks

HPR Protective

Dynamic mobility for the player looking for added protection.

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