draw claw™
Exclusive technology that is specifically designed to do one thing: grab hold of the ball and dominate the draw.

The Opportunity

As the women's game has evolved, we saw an opportunity to create the first head designed specifically for the draw. The specialist's role requires a special tool, so we removed all prior notions of what a women's lacrosse head should and could look like.

The Idea

We wanted to give as much of a legal advantage to the draw player as possible. The idea was to develop a unique design that could "nest" inside an opponent's head and therefore provide maximum leverage to gain control from the second the whistle is blown.

The Results


The result: STX has delivered another game-changing, innovative technology that provides undeniable results. The Draw Claw™ design on the Axxis™ head can help you gain the advantage in one of the most crucial parts of the women's game.

Products With Draw Claw