Exult™ - Gear - STX Women's Lacrosse


Play With Versatility. The Exult family is specifically designed for the midfielder that does it all. From taking the draw to leading the ride to grabbing the clutch ground ball, you need to make every play, every time. 

Make the Leap

Transition to the next level with the Exult 300 head. Perfect for that player looking to take their game to the next level. The Exult 300 features stiff sidewall for stability and a softer scoop for easy grounball pickup.

Versatility the Midfielder Demands

Midfielders demand performance up and down the field. Loaded with technology, the Exult 500 offers a broad range of features that excel on ground ball and the draw, to passing and shooting. Includes C-Channel, StringLock and 10°.

Confidence in Strength

Stronger. Faster. Exult 500 handles feature STX Sc-Ti alloy for the best strength to weight ratio in a 1" handle. Combined with STX's exclusive 10° technology and a mild sandblast finish, your feel for the game will be unmatched.

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