PUREFORM™ utilizes next generation technologies to increase connectivity and range of motion for the player - blurring the line between player and equipment.
PUREFORM™ is a system of hockey specific technologies designed to connect players with their equipment through advanced articulation, retention and comfort.

Cable-Flex Thumb™

Full articulation and freedom of movement increases range of motion and thumb dexterity.

M2 Knuckle™

Open stitching in the knuckle break increases range of motion and reduces tension in the hand, resulting in freedom of movement throughout fingers.

360+ Strap™

Strap design provides increased customization to secure the pad for maximum retention.

Cut-Resistant Sleeve™

A cut-resistant sleeve built into the comfort pad provides increased protection against laceration and serious injury.

Moisture Management Foams™

HD foams throughout the pad create a hydrophobic barrier that repels water and stays dry all game long.

Multi-Layered Chest Strap System™

Provides increased retention and eliminates interference with your jersey.

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