Your vision of the field allows you to lead your defense and make the big saves.

Field of Focus

Elite goalies, such as UWLX star, Liz Hogan, keep their focus on the field and shut down the attack with our Shield product family. From heads, to handles, to gloves and protection, the Shield lineup provides goalies with the right level of protection and peformance between the cage. 

Block Out the Cage

Hands down, the most popular goalie head in the game. The Eclipse head is the proven leader for goaltenders looking to dominate the attack, grab the ground ball and start the ride towards the game-winning goal. 

Anticipate the Attack

You're job isn't just about stopping what's infront of you, it's about anticipating your opponent's move before they do. Having the freedom of movement to react with lighting-quick speed is the fine line between making the save and heading to the bench.

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