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STX Hockey is fueled by research, development and innovation.

Puregrip™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey

The revolutionary stick design that will Reshape The Game™

Pureblade™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey

The ultimate in performance and feel

Pureform™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey

Designed to connect players with their equipment, through advanced articulation, retention, and comfort

HD2 Polymer™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey
HD2 Polymer™

Half the weight of other padding and won't soak up sweat or moisture.

Pureblade Power™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey
Pureblade Power™

A variation of the original Pureblade, but with a lighter, more durable foam core and stiffer blade face for more pop.

HexPro™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey

A proprietary technology that provides maximum protection, but utilizes a unique design and materials for advanced articulation and flexibility.

Ultra-High Balance Point Technology Detail - STX Hockey
Ultra-High Balance Point

By moving the balance point up the shaft, the stick feels lighter, without sacrificing durability.

Quad Core™ Technology Detail - STX Hockey
Quad Core™

A lighter and more dynamic blade designed for active response

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