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Play With Control with the Crux family of products. Precision-crafted heads and handles for the attacker allow you to stay one step ahead of your defender and light up the scoreboard at every level. Dodge, shoot, score, celly. 

The New Standard

The Crux 500 changed the game of women's lacrosse, but we didn't stop there. We built upon one of the most popular heads in the game and made it even better. With our new Drop Rail and Speed Scoop technologies, the Crux 600 proves to be the next great evolution of the Crux family. 

Reaching the World

The Crux i has brought the feel and control of the most popular head in the sport of women's lacrosse to the world's stage. With the best feel and release every player desires, and the accuracy and consistancy every player expects.

Flex on the Field

Not all handles are alike. Crux 500 handles feature our Precision Flex technology for the right amount of whip and accuracy on shots and passes. The patented 10° technology also helps keep the ball in the sweet spot for better control while cradling and a faster release out of the pocket. 

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